Ways Of Promoting Our Campaign

For our campaign to be successful we had to analyse ways of promoting around campus. We wanted to find the best places to post leaflets and poster in order for them to be visible to the 3,000 students, who study at Winchester University. 

Our two main sources of promotion will be posters and leaflets. We plan to post our posters around our student union, with the permission from the general manager, whom we have already been in contact with. As a group we believe this will really promote our campaign due to the thousands students who visit the SU daily. 

For our leaflets, we intend to post them through student accommodations letter boxes. We think this is an effective way of promotion, as students will be more likely to read something that comes directly through their letterbox, rather than handing them out around campus. 

Lastly social media will play a significant role in promoting our campaign. Social media has become a big part of our daily lives, and many students of Winchester University will have access to either Facebook or Twitter. These two types of social media will be able to reach a much wider audience, and we plan to daily update these sites. 



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